ENHANCE your communication to customers as well as the stock on your WEBSITE by using 360° interior and exterior images, personalised branded video and AI powered digital background replacement

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Have a Smartphone? Great!

The worlds first app for Dealers that combines custom branded video creation, INTERACTIVE 360° interior and exterior images and digital background replacement.

Digital Background Replacement Now Available

With our easy-to-use background replacement tool, simply take pictures of your vehicles using the Dealer Connect 360 app and with the power of AI they will be delivered back to you in minutes with the background of your choice having been applied.




  • 360° Images

    360° Images

    Easily create professional 360° interior and exterior images

  • Personalised Video

    Personalised Video

    Record a new video, choose one from your device or select one from your gallery

  • Hotspots


    Showcase vehicle features and highlights

  • Inventory Integration

    Inventory Integration

    Easily link captured 360° images and videos to your dealership’s inventory

  • Direct Social Media Integration

    Direct Social Media Integration

    Seamless social media integration, allowing you to share your captured content to social media platforms with ease

  • One to One Sharing

    One to One Sharing

    Send branded 360° images and videos directly to customers via E-mail or SMS

  • Combined Functionality

    Combined Functionality

    The only app to combine 360° images, video, “one to one” sharing and inventory integration

  • Real-time Reporting

    Real-time Reporting

    Access reporting insights into asset creation and customer interactions

  • Turntable Compatibility

    Turntable Compatibility

    Enjoy the option of capturing 360° images using a rotating vehicle platform

  • Gallery with Guidance

    Gallery with Guidance

    On screen guides provide an easy solution to compose your own professional-looking vehicle photos

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Send personalised and branded videos to your customers!

With DealerConnect360, you can now send one-to-one and one-to-many video messages to prospective customers with 360° exterior images - straight from your smartphone! - and it’s really easy!


360° Exterior and Interior
Capture and send interior and exterior 360° vehicle images using our app.


New & Used Sales Videos
Explain vehicle features and key selling points to send to customers via the app.


Service and Repair Departments
Service staff can visually explain complicated service topics and repairs needed.


Website Integration
The 360° interior and exterior spins captured in the app will automatically publish to that vehicle or your website.

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Key Facts...

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    of car buyers research online before they buy

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    more enquiries received on vehicles listed with 360 images vs vehicles without 

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    more time spent by consumers viewing vehicles with 360 images 

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    increase in lead conversions when using personalised video for direct communication