What can I use Dealer Connect 360° for?
Dealer Connect 360° is a versatile tool with many uses but most of our clients find the most benefit in using video to highlight detailed service related issues or to close a deal by visually addressing client concerns around used vehicles.
What kind of reporting will I get?
Dealer Connect 360° offers real-time alerts to notify your sales team as soon as their video and 360° content has been watched, but in addition to this, managers can also keep track of the success of their teams by monitoring their sends and open rates.
Am I tied down to a long-term contract?
No, we strongly believe that Dealer Connect 360° is a beneficial tool that should be in every dealership’s marketing toolkit – so much so that you can cancel your low monthly subscription at any time if you don’t agree.
How do I integrate it into my existing vehicle stock feed?
Our dedicated team of developers will link your stock feed to your Dealer Connect 360° account in much the same way you would push your stock to 3rd party sites. Once done, you can look up any vehicle in your stock to enhance your video message and create 360° imagery for your website
Do I need to purchase any additional hardware?
Dealer Connect 360° has been specifically designed to work on all iPhone and Android smartphone’s so as to make the most of the technology already available to you. However, to capture 360° interior images, a Ricoh Theta 360° camera is required which are widely available at a cost of around £150
What do my customers need in order to watch the videos?
Dealer Connect 360° will play back on all modern devices, so whether you decided to SMS or email, you can rest assured that your customer will be able to watch their custom video from home, office or mobile phone
Ok, I’m ready and I want to use Dealer Connect 360°, how do I get started?
To enjoy Dealer Connect 360° at it best, follow these 5 steps: 1) Sign up to Dealer Connect 360° and download the Dealer Connect 360° application on a compatible device 2) Get your equipment and space ready for 360°'s 3) Sign up to Dealer Connect 360° Inventory Management to enable integration and distribution 4) Sign up to the Dealer Solutions Modular Website for your 360s to integrate with your site. Auto 360° can also be integrated with other website providers. 5) You’re all done! Capture your 360s and Video in the Dealer Connect 360° and watch them integrate with your inventory and website
How much space do I need to take Dealer Connect 360° exterior images?
The minimum spaced required is around 7-10m diameter. With dealerships with limited space, we recommend using a Moment Wide Lens or similar. When using this lens, you can be closer to the vehicle.